Serving Wine

The Serving Wine section is about anything that involves finished wine. It includes what containers wine comes in, aerating, serving temperatures, pairing with food, and aging wine.

Wine Casks, Bottles, and Boxes

Volumes, Shapes, Colors

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Aerating Wine

Aerating is important for red wines. It adds oxygen to the wine, which releases more aromas. It also allows the tannins to solidify and settle to the bottom. Aerating can be done in the bottle, in a decanter, or right in the glass.

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Serving Temperature

Red wine is traditionally served at "cellar temperatures." That means about 55 F (13 C). White wine is traditionally served slightly more chilled, at about 45 F (7 C). These are averages, and should be adjusted a few degrees up or down, with how bold or delicate the wine is.

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Food Pairings

Wine is commonly paired with cheese.

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Aging Wine

Aging wine is also called Maturation. Most red wines can be aged longer than whites. The most common variety aged is Cabernet Sauvignon. The effect of aging wine, how to age wine, the appropriate time to age wine. Aging in casks and bottles. Proper storage conditions.

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